Open call MU INBETWEEN #3 & #4

Do you want MU to yourself for a weekend? During the installation of our new exhibitions, the space is free so: the floor is yours! With MU INBETWEEN, we offer MU as a platform for Eindhoven and Brabant-based makers to present their project. MU INBETWEEN #3 and #4 take place in the weekends of 5 & 6 May, and 14 & 15 July. It’s your chance to take-over MU and show us what you’ve got!

With MU INBETWEEN #1: The most extravagant Twister game ever, Ylja Band and Tristan Roques transformed MU into a gigantic Twister game. With INBETWEEN #2: When Eindhoven became “Eindje Gramma”, Fieke van Berkom, set up an exhibition of her incredible collection of daily slides, never before seen footage of Eindhoven underground. Are you inspired by these projects, or do you have a supercool project you’ve been saving for us? Sign up for the MU INBETWEEN #3 & #4 open call and send in your plan no later than 4 March 23:59 to Both winners will be announced on 8 March.

What we expect from you:
- You are a creator, member of a collective or student 
- You work in Brabant 
- You create art, performances, games, spoken word, fashion, robotics, something in-between, or something completely different. Remember anything is possible! 
- You have a solid on and offline communication plan (who do you want to reach and how will you do it?) 
- You have a blueprint for the installation and de-installation of your expo, by you.
- You return the MU space to us in the same condition that you got it 

What does MU offer?
We do not have budget, but we offer you: 
- A super cool industrial space in Strijp-S (specifications of the space to be determined with MU) 
- Exhibition space at MU for 48 hours (incl. your construction and deconstruction) 
- Input from our experts and use of our network to make your project even better (if you want) 
- Use of our technical equipment and materials if available (in consultation with our producer) 
- Use of MU’s (digital) communication channels for yourself made and self initiated content. 

Where MU, Torenallee 40-06 Eindhoven

Deadline Send in your proposal no later than 1 March 2018, 23:59.

Announcement of winners on 8 March 2018.

When MU INBETWEEN #3: 5 & 6 May, MU INBETWEEN #4: 14 & 15 July.
(if you have a preference for one of both weekends, please specify in your application)

MU INBETWEEN #1: The most extravagant Twister game ever

MU INBETWEEN #2: When Eindhoven became “Eindje Gramma”