Everything you always wanted to know about being a designer but were afraid to ask.

[ WITH US ] is a series of events focused on the Eindhoven design community with an eye towards personal practice, shared wisdom, and confronting topics design is currently facing. Here, you don't just meet designers and students, but also seniors, locals, artists, filmmakers, dancers and engineers. Together, we take the plunge, we ask that one uncomfortable question, we do what we do not really dare. [ WITH US ] is 'invite only'. What happens with us, stays with us.

Join US
We try to have an event every other month on a Wednesday evening. We hope these events start to feel like a safe space or home for people, a place where we are willing to get out of our comfort zone. Next event will be on the 29th November. Are you curious and don't you know anyone from [ WITH US ] yet?  We give away 5 wild cards for each event. Send an e-mail to vivian@mu.nl and tell us why you want to join us.

[ WITH US ] emerged from a small collective of Master's students studying in the Design Academy, lead by Alorah Harman, Pranav Cochatta and Karin Fischnaller and supported by their mentor Lonny van Ryswyck (designer and teacher at Design Academy). From a shared need for meaningfull encounters and connections outside the 'bubble' of school, they found a partner in MU. The students bring their enthusiasm and curiosity. MU brings in her strong design and art network and assures grounding in the local community by inviting a a broad diversity of participants.

Past events
Share your struggles [WITH US] - Lonny van Ryswyck
An honest interview with Lonny van Ryswyck about what goes on behind the scenes of being a designer, and a group conversation about: what are our hopes, fears, and struggles as designers right now?

Build a Boat [WITH US] - Lucas Maassen
Let’s make a boat in under 3 hours! Will we sink or float on The Dommel? This was our task with Lucas Maassen. A secret location was sent to a WhatsApp group with instructions to bring any floating materials we had as a group as well as food for the barbecue. At the scene of a cookout including many local neighbors, we built three “boats” (creative use of the word...) and set sail, learning about thinking through making, design with constraints, and coming together as a community. Watch the video made by participant Lydia Herremans.

Get intimate [WITH US] - Tom Loois
Exploring Intimacy themes in preparation for DDW17 Embassy of Intimacy, we had a group discussion on the meaning of intimacy, with exercises that confronted us and pushed us beyond our comfort zones (looking into a stranger’s eyes for 4 minutes, tools for an “instant” intimate conversation (with Building Conversation from MU), an intimidating group Biodanza).

Anger festival  - Alorah Harman & friends, February 2018
grrrrrrrr! ooooh maaaan!????????????do you need a relief? On Valentine's day, we experimented with anger as an emotion and a tool that can contribute to the design proces. No lovers or animals were hurt in this event.

Do the feminist walk [WITH US] - Elisa Otáñez & friends, June 2018
Become a flaneuse for one day and observe together how we have access to the city. Is space gendered? Are we aware of our physicality within public space? How does our physicality impact our city and how do we interact with public norms? Let’s move from being the objects of the gaze to the agents of the gaze! Check this nice article on Female Flâneurs in The Guardian.

[ WITH US ] Manifesto:

Except all.
This is about exclusive sharing.

No audience, only participants.
This is about what you want.

Discuss do not discourage.
This is about our need for dialogue.

Doubts are good.
This is about voicing them.

We focus on the people in the room.
We share wisdom, not information.
We don’t limit ourselves to any one discipline or way of knowing.
We create a common ground for coincidences and collaborations.
We don’t want to stop at the first encounter.
We are inviting you, not your powerpoint.

“Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.”
(― Elbert Hubbard, The Roycroft Dictionary Concocted by Ali Baba and the Bunch on Rainy Days)