#1 Fremdkörper Sleep ceremony

#1 Fremdkörper Sleep ceremony


Sleeping is an elusive activity in which reality and reason are abandoned. Could we see the associative stream of images that proceeds in our subconscious at night as a source of wisdom? According to performance duo Boogaerdt/VanderSchoot, it might be the key to a next step in the transformation process of man and her place on this earth. Away from the old patriarchal society and in harmony with the world around us.

On Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 December special performances takes place in the installation. Enter the dormitory inspired by the sleep temples of the Ancient Greeks; leave the tangible world behind and embark on a ritual inward journey to a dreamed reality.

Where: MU Hybrid Art House | When: Saturday 18 & Sunday 19 December | Time: 15.00 | Tickets: 10,- regular / 7,50 student / WeArePublic tickets