#3 In Real Live Sundays

#3 In Real Live Sundays

The Self Design Academy Special Weekend

Dive into the world of self-malleability during In Real Live Sundays, when participating artist in The Self Design Academy are present in MU and their works are 'live' - both on-and offline. Visit the bff's Hanneke & Nadiah, follow the course Social Hygiene at Bar No. 5 by Margriet Craens, give the installation LIMB-O by Marlot Meyer input or share your trauma with Ivi van Keulen during the live performance Atlas Skin. 

On Sundays, MU is open from 13.00 till 17.00. Reserve a time slot by phone or mail.

In Real Live Sundays is part of The Self Design Academy Special Weekend

The safety of MU visitors is our priority. That’s why there is a limited capacity, we make sure people can keep 1.5 meters distance and ask all visitors to wear a face mask. You can click here for a PDF with MU COVID-19 Visitor conditions, Sanitation guidelines and Health precautions (Last update: 19 October)