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A Fluid Final

Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times

Not unlike a relay race, 25 artists have passed the spaces of MU Hybrid Art House to each other over the past four months under the motto Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times. This gave audiences a fluid taste of seemingly disparate installations and groundbreaking ideas that were all connected to MU in one way or another. 

As the end of Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times draws near, we want to commemorate the continuous state of change that is so typical of MU and their 25 years and celebrate one more time. To then continue building on it unabatedly. We would like to toast to this with everyone who warmly cares about MU. We would like to look back and forward together, share our MUmories and take a look at the future. 

Get inspired one last time and visit the current exhibition on Friday 25 August and raise a glass, toast and drink with us @ MU. Engage with the curators and makers of Hybrid Tales For Hybrid Times during our Fluid Final and let yourself be surprised one last time before MU goes into rebuilding the exhibition space to TIMELESSTIME by MAISON the FAUX. From 28th of August until 14th of September, MU will transform to the new exhibition, with the grand opening on 15 September. 

Fluid Final is a free event but do reserve a spot via the following link

Doors open from 16:00.

Photos by Hanneke Wetzer, Stephan Velema, Boudewijn Bollmann en Bram Versteeg