Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Yes you can rewrite history!

Less than 10% of editors on Wikipedia is female. Research shows that this is the cause for a poignant lack of documentation on women, gender, feminism and the arts on one of the worlds most visited websites. 

Men and women are equal. That is why they deserve equal exposure in history. 

Wikipedia equality is an issue we want to tackle, and that’s where we need your help (men, you are invited as well).

From the smallest coffeeshops to the largest museums: every year in March edit-a-thons are held all over the world, at the MOMA in New York and Tate in London among others. In Eindhoven MU and writers platform Watershed will join forces. This year we organised Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. This has to be a great success. Therefore we invite all people of all gender identities and expressions, of A-LGBHT-Z, transgender and cisgender women, and men to participate. Join us in updating Wikipedia articles.


17:30 Walk-in + snacks
18:00 Introduction by Juliet (Watershed) and Vivian (MU)
Talks by Domitilla Olivieri, Sayonara Stutgard (Uitgeverij Chaos) and Simone Aumaj
18:45 Wikipedia crash course by Alessandra Saviotti
19:30 picking teams
Peptalks by Simone Aumaj and Jess Oberlin
19:40 EDITING (in groups or individually)
22:30 wrap up


Domitilla Olivieri is an assistant professor in Gender Studies at Utrecht University. Committed to bridging the distance between academic and non-academic milieus, she also collaborates with cultural spaces and in collaborative projects with artists and filmmakers in the Netherlands and in Italy. 

Sayonara Stutgard studied at Tilburg University and specialised in literature and poetry on gender related topics ever since. After working for Savannah Bay bookstore she recently found the feminist Chaos Publishers with two associates.  

Simone Aumaj is a cultural anthropologist and a previous advocate for KinderrechtenNU. Currently she is a fellow with Humanity in Action. Watch her lecture at The Haagse Hogeschool for the KinderrechtenNU Conference to get to know her a little better. 

Alessandra Saviotti is a member of the WikiProject on Women Artists and therefore a hard core Wikipedian. Furthermore she is a curator and organiser who aims to involve the public in her work as a co-producer to live up to her motto: 'cooperation is better than competition'. 

Last but not least, Jess Oberlin. This fashion designer, who is originally Canadian, currently concurs the world out of Eindhoven with her 'Badass suits for Everybody'. On show now is her mini collection 'My Mind Always Drifts', that she designed for MU in collaboration with Brad Downey. 

Where MU Artspace 

When Thursday 29 March 2018 from 17:30 - 23:00
Tickets € 5,- (including food & drinks), register through this link.
RSVP and stay up to date through the Facebookevent