Create out Loud #5 Koert van Mensvoort

Create out Loud #5 Koert van Mensvoort

artistic director of Next Nature Network and founder of HUBOT, the employment agency for humans and robots

Koert van Mensvoort is on a mission. A philosophical mission even, and one that is easily translated into tangible projects. Koert is the founder and ambassador of Next Nature, a vision of the co-evolution of man, nature and technology that leads to a new reality. In the world of Next Nature, nature itself is no longer chaotic or uncontrollable while technology is no longer organised and purely man-made. It is more the other way round. Against this background, Van Mensvoort will launch the first employment agency for humans and robots, HUBOT, at this year’s DDW. The agency, set up in collaboration with Eindhoven municipality and Start Foundation, has its office in the Media Markt. There is no doubt that the rise of drone drivers, VR mechanics and the eight-armed Shiva multi-masseur is drastically changing the labour market. Next Nature doesn’t fear this development though, after all: who says that robots can’t generate new jobs and employment? Perhaps humans and robots can actually enhance each other’s performance and who knows: over time they might even create a new species that we can easily coexist with?

Create Out Loud will be presented by Isolde Hallensleben and recorded on audio only.

Where MU
Language English spoken
When 26 Oct. 18.00 sharp
Aftertalk & drinks till 20.00

Free entrance

Create Out Loud is a collaboration with Dutch Design Week.