Create Out Loud #2

Create Out Loud #2

REVERSED MENTORING Future design education

Design and science know how to find each other more and more. The innovative and exploratory spirit of the designer seems to combine well with the more analytical approach of science. But how can designers call themselves real researchers? Are they taken seriously and do the developed design products and prototypes count, as well as academic papers as interesting bearers of knowledge? How do we prevent designers being the lapdogs of scientists? How do we ensure that the looking for solutions mentality of designers, doens't scare of scientists? In short, how do we prevent mediocre design and halfhearted science?

With Tamar Shafrir (tutor Design Academy Eindhoven), Alvin Arthur (student Design Academy Eindhoven), Cassandra Vughts (SPARK academie), Robert de Vaan (CMD Avans), Caroline Hummels (TU/e, Industrial Design), Erwin Slegers (HKU) and others.

Check out the video of Create Out Loud #2 here!

When Monday 19 October, 17:30 - 19:30
Where MU

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