Create Out Loud #7

Create Out Loud #7

IMMERSIVE FUN Designing experience

IMMERSIVE FUN Designing experiences

There is a great need for new stories in the new media landscape. New technologies such as immersive virtual reality and the gaming industry in theory have unprecedented opportunities, but the practice is still in its infancy. Together with students of the studio Crafting Narratives of Design Academy Eindhoven, the VPRO lab has started an investigation into these new ways of narrative through VR. What does the public experience? Can we tell them more empathic stories and does it increase the experiential aspect? To what extent can we use it in other contexts such as health care, science or politics?

Where MU
When 24 October from 17.30 - 19.30.

MU's space, centrally located at Srijp-S, will be the stage for a fresh design talkshow at the end of every Dutch Design Week-day. Everything concerning design could be point of discussion, it will be entertaining for a broad audience as well as the more developed designlover. 

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