DDW21 | Roesologisch Rave Lab XL

DDW21 | Roesologisch Rave Lab XL

During Dutch Design Week, the designers of SMELT & the performers of The Performance Bar take over the MU container in Plug in City. They present a brand-new science: Roesologie - which might best be translated as ‘trance-ology’, originating from an unorthodox research project by designers, performers and (experiential) experts on the role of substance use in our society.

Come to the Roesologisch Rave Lab XL on Friday 22 October, where you’ll learn everything about Roesologie. During this interactive evening at MU, we experiment with enchanting rituals and reflect on other states of consciousness. Where do our discomforts and limits lie, and when and why can we reach the trance state of mind? Roesologie challenges you to go out of your mind, without using narcotics or alcohol. The goal, however, is similar: wanting to break free for a moment, feeling connected to something or someone, being marveled by life. Are you ready to try a new ‘substance’?

Where: MU Hybrid Art House | When: Friday 22 October | Time: 18.00 – 20.00 | Entrance: free | Language: Dutch


This is a placed event. When you are coming to MU, we will scan your coronavirus entry pass. You can get an entry pass based on proof of full vaccination, proof of recovery from COVID-19 or on a negative result of a coronatest (max 24 hours old). Via the CoronaCheck-app, you'll receive a QR-code. A printed version of your entry pass is also fine, which you can get via coronacheck.nl. Make sure to also bring your ID or passport.