Design Debate with Cassils

Design Debate with Cassils


Our relationship with technology is constantly changing; especially when it comes to the improvement of our human body. Is technology our salvation or destruction? Cyborgs, egg banks, anti-aging, how far would you go?

For this debate we invited Cassils; an artist who uses the physical body as sculptural mass with which to rupture societal norms. Implementing a rigorous physical training practice and queering knowledge of kinesiology and sports science, Cassils formally manipulates the body into a shape that defies gendered expectations.

We will discuss the implications of her work with Marli Huijer, doctor, philosopher with a strong interest in gender issues, and recently appointed as ‘thinker of the Netherlands’.

This debate is part of the Perfect Man: a new documentary series of the VPRO

When    20 May, 13.00 - 18.00 

Where   De Witte Dame zaal at De Witte Dame. (on the fifth floor)

              Design Academy Eindhoven