Design Debates: Bio-design.

Design Debates: Bio-design.

Bio-design: kindergarten for science?

Wednesday 25 September
16.30–17.30, Designhuis

Can we extend human life by redesigning our organs? This triggered Agatha Haines to re-design babies. She attempted to transfigure human organs by treating the human body just like another material to design with. Her project provoked an extensive debate about the ethical implications of mutating humans in order to create a ‘better’ species. How far can we tweak the human body before public opinion will halt the developments? What does a body need in order to be accepted by society as ‘human’?

Steering away from the ethic debate and looking specifically at the field of design: can design break ground for science and open research fields? Biodesign is becoming a very active field in design; but does it result in data or knowledge that holds scientific value?

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