Design Your Missing Emoji

Design Your Missing Emoji

Workshop by Lilian Stolk

Emoji bring feeling to our digital conversations with faces, drinks, fireworks, animals, you name it. Every year, another 100 new image-characters are added to Unicode. Anyone can make suggestions for a new emoji. The strict selection process, however, is very slow and Unicode’s criteria severely limit the possibilities. But what happens when users suddenly have the freedom to design their own symbols?

As part of her research, Lilian Stolk has been gathering the coveted icons during hands-on workshops. They resulted in topical symbols like Hijab emoji and VR glasses emoji long before Unicode launched them. With the app More Moji you can actually send them. So what emoji are you still missing?

Maximum number of participants: 25

Where MU
When Sunday 21 October 2018
Time 13.00 - 15.00 
Language English 
Entrance free 
Registration and tickets via Eventbrite (if still available, you can buy tickets at the door)