The Self Design Academy Special Weekend

Take off your sweatpants and put on your prettiest outfit for an overstimulating evening dedicated to our endless search for dopamine. After two weeks of lockdown, it’s time for the DIGIDOPAMINE DINNER SHOW! Harm and Nadine will help you find your way back into the hybrid world during this IRL search for DOPAMINE. Expect an evening full of invigorating snacks that stimulate your receptors and hybrid presentations and performances by artists and thinkers who will revive your bored neurotransmitters. This is also the last weekend to reflect on your personal development and growth in The Self Design Academy. The perfect opportunity for Harm and Nadine to immerse you in this special DIGIDOPAMINE DINNER SHOW.

Harm Hofmans (MU) and Nadine Roestenburg (STRP & Fontys) – at unscheduled times - have been making DIGIDOPAMINE for over a year now. They are well known from the musical Friday afternoon drinks on RaRaRadio. It’s now also possible to book them as a spherical enhancement at your festival, promotional drink or book launch. Always on point, both on- and offline. Their musical and philosophical reflections on our digital behavior invariably lead to questions in your head that echo for a long time. Topics that have been covered so far: addiction, online shopping, acceleration, cigarettes, dopamine fasting, wallowing, wallowing, wallowing, broken hearts, crying YouTubers, depri-wave, MDMA. Fortunately, we are far from finished. Nadine is now exchanging her Spotify press-play DJ skills for serious mixing skills. She also examines the cultural-philosophical reflections a little more seriously in the eponymous research project at Fontys Hogescholen. Harm is making sure that the ideas, insights and questions that arise during DIGIDOPAMINE are given a place in the programs at MU.

When: Saturday 21 November | Location: MU Hybrid Art House | Doors open: 16:00 | Start program: 16:15 | End: 19:00 | Tickets: regular 7,50,- & students 5,- via Eventbrite

DIGIDOPAMINE DINNER SHOW is part of The Self Design Academy Special Weekend

Manon Aubry | You are never too ambitious (Y.A.N.T.A)
With this work Manon graduated in 2020 from the Design Academy Eindhoven (master Social Design). Y.A.N.T.A is a virtual reality environment for somatic well-being. A poetical, emotional and artistic ritual, or in other words: an alternative to traditional health care, to anticipate anxiety, self-confidence, burn-out, and depression.

Gerald Moore – Dopamining
Gerald Moore is a political philosopher. His work focuses on how technologies transform our experience of the world, desire and attention. He will talk about the concept of “dopamining” as the term for an economic model that both targets the extraction of dopamine and simultaneously creates a social instability that underpins pathological forms of consumption.

Nadine Roestenburg - Instant Happiness
Relax. You are in control of your emotions. You can deal with anything. This YouTube remix with self-help-quick-fixes starts at a frequency of 2.75 hz (Delta) and slowly decreases over the course of 5 minutes, down to a frequency of 2.00 hz (Delta) for the remainder of the performance. This recording also contains subliminal messages by YouTube commenters. Relax. Relief from anxiety.

Nadine Roestenburg is a researcher and curator who gets excited about the contemporary struggles with the digital. She is fascinated by how we love and hate our digital devices, networks, being online and/or offline. Nadine is fascinated by almost everything in life, including digital detoxes, online shopping, self-help books and the well-being industry. She works as a research explorer Post-Digital Cultures at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and as a Curator at STRP.

TeYosh  – Attention Spam & Dictionary of Online Behaviour
TeYosh, consisting of Sofija Stanković & Teodora Stojković, is an art director and digital design duo. Their design practice is devoted to exploring immersive technologies and modern-day social phenomena linked to social media and emerging internet cultures. Over the past years, they were focused on exploring technology's impact on society; its effect on relationships, communication as well as on popular art and culture. The duo brings their original perspective to commercial work. They create brutalist animations and cutting-edge identity design for varied brands and agencies like Burberry, Huawei, MTV, Nike and Cinekid.

Klasien van de Zandschulp & Marjolein Vogels - OurSpace, social distancing edition
OurSpace is a participatory performance that zooms in on the virtual and the physical space between people, their online and offline identity and social encounters. Ourspace is a quirky social experiment and performance that choreographs the bodies of participants using a chatbot in WhatsApp. The performance tests the boundaries of space in our hyperconnected world.

Zwermers – group version Pan~ // Catwalk
From worn-down jeans jacket to extravagant glitter dress: our attire is an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes have to be. What does that second skin convey about us? Do people wear clothes or are people being worn by their clothes? The makers of Zwermers are fascinated by the force of this second skin.

In this project, our body is the canvas. During DIGIDOPAMINE DINNER SHOW, for the first time Zwermers shows a version of Pan~// Catwalk with several of these canvases: a group of bodies that represent diversity in terms of age, physique and colour.

Zwermers has undertaken the mission to make the collage of human types more diverse and inclusive and by doing so, celebrate the multicolored nature of humans. Identity is a fluid and mobile concept, which makes the search for inclusivity interesting and challenging. This research was realized in collaboration with Theater de Nieuwe Vorst in Tilburg and MU Hybrid Art House.

Performers: amongst others Tegest Pecht Guido, Inez Wolters and Paul van de Waterlaat 
Music: Wouter de Belder

Margriet Craens will provide vegetarian snacks. Unfortunately,we can't take dietary requirements into account.

The safety of MU visitors is our priority. That’s why there is a limited capacity, we make sure people can keep 1.5 meters distance and ask all visitors to wear a face mask. You can click here for a PDF with MU COVID-19 Visitor conditions, Sanitation guidelines and Health precautions (Last update: 19 October)