Digital Esoterism

Digital Esoterism

Daily digital readings from 27 Aug - 5 Sept

With Digital Esoterism, Ginevra Petrozzi investigates the role of witchcraft, divination, magic and fate in the digital age. Traditionally, the magic art of foreseeing the future allowed agency over an intangible, mysterious future impossible to control. A sneak peek into the world of tomorrow - if one couldn't change it, at least one could be prepared. Whereas throughout the years the idea of fate defining the course of life shifted to the rational thought that our actions shape our destiny, nowadays Big Data seems to become the new, uncontrollable power that predicts our future scenario’s. In which algorithms and data are assigned the role of modern fortune teller. 

How can centuries-old divination tools help us to fight against the oppressions operated by this form of Surveillance Capitalism? How can we use magical knowledge as anti-capitalist and political tools to unravel the control of Big Data? Restoring our sense of freedom and giving our future its open possibilities back. With these questions, ‘digital witch’ Ginevra Petrozzi graduated this year from the master’s Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.   

In the context of MU’s current exhibition Real Feelings: Emotion and Technology, Ginevra will give a Tarot reading twice a day from 27 August till 5 September about Past-Present-Future. Tarot interprets and unravels signs that present themselves before one’s eyes. They teach about pattern recognition, the unconscious, and offer tools to imagine other narrations of futures. During the session, Ginevra places Tarot in a digital perspective and reads our realities using our smartphones, like you would read a Tarot card. Ads based on your Google search history, suggested Instagram posts linked to online interests: what do these modern signs, this automated flow of content algorithms fill our phones with daily, say about us and our future? 

Pratical info
Where: MU Hybrid Art House | When: 27 August - 5 September | Duration: max. 60 minutes | Language: English | Daily there will be 2 sessions at 13.00 and 16.00. Book a time slot online. Free for visitors of Real Feelings

→ In order to attend the reading you need to have an active social account that generates automated predictions ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, ..)

→ If you’d like (not obliged), afterwards at the front desk you can make a donation - perhaps in magic numbers! - or exchange the reading with another service/favour that could perpetuate the idea of a community in which knowledge is shared.