Ego 1.04 by Hanneke Kuijpers

Ego 1.04 by Hanneke Kuijpers

After many years lived as seven different artists, Kuijpers thinks its time to throw herself in the ring with them. Meet Bobby, Fez, Isabella and others that show us that we are constantly truing to find out who we are and looking at how relative that is.

What happens if you deny all laws, and write your own life?

Ego 1.04 is a solo performance in which a struggle with "ego” taks place. A personal story in which her staged life collides head on with the laws of fiction.
Kuijpers entices you effortlessly to go on a very unusual trip through desires, emotions, passions, drifting along with her everywhere your ego takes you. Her self-images change continuously, from almost male to über-female, with self-deprecating humor and tension between egoism and eroticism.

Ego 1:04 is a multidisciplinary performance, where spoken word, music, movement, mingle with other art forms. It's dark, raw, and paradoxical, but if you don’t fear that, you could just as easily become one of them.

Please note that this performance is in our exhibition space after closing time at MU | Strijp S.

Sneak Preview Ego 1.04 door Hanneke Kuijpers

Practical Information
Where: MU | Strijp S, Torenallee 40-06, Eindhoven
When: Saturday, July 5th, 6pm - 7pm
Cost: Free
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Artistic team and performers
Concept, game: Hanneke Kuijpers
Coaching & direction: Mike Alfen
Dramaturge: Ricarda Franzen
Design: Hanneke Kuijpers
Engineering & Lighting: Diederik Schoorl
Co Producer: mc Amsterdam, contact Theatre Manchester