Gabriel Shalom - Hypercubism

Gabriel Shalom - Hypercubism

!! Cancelled due to illness. We hope to be able to announce a new date soon.


Master class in Digital Aesthetics


Friday February 24
From 12.30 to 3.30 pm
Location: MU and TAC
Language: English


The Tosso Variations, the current exhibition at MU, is Gabriel Shalom’s first solo show. To elaborate on his way of working and thinking he’ll be in Eindhoven on friday February 24 and invites you to participate in his master class:


“Every video is in 3D already. Length, width and time: three dimensions. Until we get fully four dimensional holographic imagery, we\'re going to have images which strive to be in four dimensions but always collapse back down into a flattened simulation. Hypercubism is a way of understanding the aesthetics of this collapse.


We will explore influences on Cubism in order to discover parallels in our current media environment that have had an impact on Hypercubism. We will discuss the role object-oriented interfaces have in changing our perception of moving images (video games, operating systems, computer code). We will discuss what constitutes a truly contemporary moving image – what sets it apart from the postmodern – and also what makes it more than ever before closely related to a piece of music. The master class will be a mixture of presentation, seminar discussion and group critique.”


To prepare for the master class, participants are encouraged to view the Hypercubist Manifesto. Participants are welcome to bring in short videos (5 min. or less), which they feel exhibit Hypercubist aesthetics and that they would like to analyze with the group (links to web videos are preferred).


To participate in the master class please send us an e-mail. There is a maximum of 12 participants, so sign up now.