Gender Swap Hacklab with BeAnotherLab

Gender Swap Hacklab with BeAnotherLab

MU | Strijp S
3 - 8 July 2014

What would it be like to change gender? How about going beyond and experiencing being somewhere between male and female?

From the 3rd till the 8th of July, artist-researchers BeAnotherLab will invite the audience to see themselves in the body of someone from a different gender identity (from 100%XX to100%XY).

This Hacklab is part of an interdisciplinary research about gender perception, gender identity and gender bias. "The Machine To Be Another" platform uses neuroscience techniques of embodiment, virtual reality, telepresence, performance and storytelling to offer users the experience of being in the body of someone else. Participants will be invited to direct the hacklab into areas of personal interest to them in a dynamic process of co-creation and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The hacklab is open to all members of the public interested in gender identity, specially researchers and queer community. Participants are welcome to contribute to and devise experiments with the interactive system "The Machine to Be Another" as users, performers, observers or theoretical thinkers.

Friday July 4th: 10am - 12am and from 5pm - 7pm

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