Get a Room! Sexpress yourself

Get a Room! Sexpress yourself

Get a Room!, organised by Firma Vruchtvlees in cooperation with MU, is a series of 4 film- and debate nights about the one subject that keeps fascinating us: sexuality. Everything can be a subject of discussion, nothing stays out. 

The first Get a Room!-evening by Firma Vruchtvlees and MU was e huge succes. Over 60 visitors came to see the movies, the comics, artworks and candid guestspeakers talking about sexuality. The second edition, themed: Sexpress yourself, will take place on Thursday May 28th.

There will be a number of short films on view, that are centered around a form of sexual freedom. From bdsm stories to a preference for balloons and food. 

After the films Marije Janssen hosts a talk about sexual expression through the years with two guestspeakers (tba).
Acceptance is important and vital, but does it also mean you have to adapt? How do we look at people that are colouring outside of the lines: the queers, the genderbenders, the sexual deviants? And is it scary to be who you are? 

Note: The films and talk are in English.


Jorge Alves Lino - STUKX and House of Gina
Linda Duits -

Work on view by: 
Mandy Roos -

When 28 May, 20.00 h
Where MU
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