In order of disappearance

In order of disappearance

An experiential installation by Bart van de Woestijne

Every day we see ourselves reflected in the bathroom mirror, tram windows, the water at our feet; our reflection is something we live with. But who are we if we only have our reflection, if nobody else sees us?

In order of disappearance is an installation performance, in which the participant will be guided by a voice on a headphone, through an exercise in isolation, in being alone. Especially for MU Hybrid Art House, Werkplaats van de Woestijne created a custom-made, stand-alone variant. The thought experience starts at the exhibition space and is accessible for one person at a time.

As a participant, you will walk around in the area of Strijp S. Eventually you will reach a wooden cubical. The premise is that the participant leaves everything behind and withdraws, away from the landscape. Can we be alone, or do we end up in an endless vacuum, only to slowly vanish?

In order of disappearance is part of  The Self Design Academy Share program and can be visited from 19 till 22 November at MU. 

Tickets: 5,- (incl. entrance MU) | Reserve a time slot via Eventbrite

The installation can be experienced by one person at a time and takes +/- 45 minutes. More info about reserving a time slot will follow soon. 

The installation is accessible in both English and Dutch.
Attention: The installation is not suitable for people with claustrophobia & not accessible with a wheelchair. 

About Werkplaats van de Woestijne
Werkplaats (work place) van de Woestijne transforms life questions into thought experiences. A thought experience is an experience that forces you to look for your own answer to a big, impossible question. It addresses themes that people naturally try not to think about: What is it like to be dead? What is it like to be an animal? What is left of you when you are completely alone?

According to Van de Woestijne, in his work he does not have a political, but rather an existential agenda. He also peels political subjects down to existential questions; in order to change, we need to give more thought to ourself. About who we are and why we are. About what it means to be human, in relation to the world, to animals, to others and ourselves. His work offers a safe space to come up with a personal and collective insight.

Direction & concept: Bart van de Woestijne
Dramaturgy: Maarten Bos
Scenography: Sofie Doeland
Production: Eline Elbersen & Nikita Oldert
Sound design: Wessel Schrik
Voice: Casper Nusselder
Technic: Daan Westendorp
Co-production: Over het IJ Festival, Festival Cement
Artistic guidance: Alexandra Broeder
Photography: Guillaume Amat
Thanks to: Muhamed Stranjac, Oerol Festival

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