In Real Live Thursdays #2: Immuno-ecology

In Real Live Thursdays #2: Immuno-ecology

Where our selves and our environments intra-act

Immuno-ecology is an imaginary field of study thought up by Sissel Marie Tonn (BAD Award winner 2020), inspired by her collaboration with ecotoxicologist/chemist Heather Leslie and immunologist Juan Garcia Vallejo. During their collaborative process of creating the science-fiction piece Becoming a Sentinel Species, as a result of last year’s BAD award, she learned more about their interdisciplinary research project about the potential impact of plastic particles on our immune system.

Could we imagine a future in which our understanding of immunology and of environmental change is inseparable? How would this change our understanding of the relationship between the body and its surrounding environment? How would it change our sense of self - a self that is so intertwined with conceptions of self found in the history of immunology?

These questions continue to unfold and expand in Juan, Heather and Sissel’s conversations and future plans. In this roundtable event they will collectively imagine future scenarios for amongst others scientists, artists, designers, lawmakers that might inhabit this speculative 'immuno-ecology department'. 

Special guest this evening is Shivant Jhagroe, assistant professor at Leiden University with a focus on the non-human in politics and policy, ecology and digital technology. 

In Real Live Thursdays
Tentatively but happily leaving the lockdowns behind, MU treats you – just like last year - to a summer full of In Real Live Thursdays: cultural encounters on regular Thursday evenings with a series of surprising performances, films, music, theatre, workshops and talks. 

Practical info
Where: MU Hybrid Art House | When: Thursday 15 July | Time: 20.00 - 22.00 | Tickets: 5,- regular & 2,50 students

Program of the evening (English spoken)
19.30: doors open | 20:00: screening of Becoming a Sentinel Species | 20.30 - 21.30: Roundtable with Juan Garcia Vallejo, Heather Leslie, Sissel Marie Tonn and Shivant Jhagroe, moderated by Isolde Hallensleben