In Real Live Thursdays #3: Staying With The Tides

In Real Live Thursdays #3: Staying With The Tides

Documentary by KONT Magazine

KONT, the annual magazine and at the same time nomadic, artistic vehicle based in Eindhoven, will present the premiere of its documentary 'Staying With The Tides / Bij De Getijden Blijven' at MU. The title of the documentary is a reference to Donna Haraway's famous book 'Staying With The Trouble'. The tides are fluid, and so is KONT. 

KONT celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2021, and with its documentary, it would like to mark what its movement has been striving for all this time. It also questions how to continue from this point. Therefore, there will be a conversation after the documentary on what KONT is, was and can become, together with guests and people who have been involved over the years. 

A film by documentary film maker, designer and musician Floor Hofman. The documentary features Koosje Hamerslag (Pseud.), Griet Menschaert, Annegret Bönemann, Lars Leeuw, Casper Fitzhue, Charles Esche, Wessel Verrijt and Simón Andrés Soto Ochoa.

In Real Live Thursdays
Tentatively but happily leaving the lockdowns behind, MU treats you – just like last year - to a summer full of In Real Live Thursdays: cultural encounters on regular Thursday evenings with a series of surprising performances, films, music, theatre, workshops and talks.

Practical info 
Where: MU Hybrid Art House | When: Thursday 22 July | Time: doors open 19.30 and start 20.00 | Tickets: via Eventbrite (free or on donation) | The event will be in English