Most Extravagant Twister Game Ever Live Streamed In An Art Space, playable

Ylja Band and Tristan Roques are the winners of the first MU INBETWEEN open call! They came up with the idea to turn MU into the Most Extravagant Twister Game Ever - and we love it! 

You are invited to join us in breaking the (unofficial) record Most Extravagant
Twister Game Ever Live Streamed In An Art Space, playable.
Two years ago, on September 23rd Arlington Texas snatched the
record Largest Twister Board, playable from the students of the University
of Twente. Enough reason to massively hit the dots again. In case
breaking this record doesn’t work out (does anyone have 1200 Twister
mats?), we’ll at least make it a Twister-adventure to never forget.
We’ll transform MU into Twister heaven and make sure there will be
plenty of hits, chips, soda and beer. Performers shall fulfil all your
Twister-needs. Think about: sock refreshment, massage-stations and
more. Uniformed Twister-police keep an eye on you. So no rule breaking
while record breaking. But don’t worry, after this massive Twister
game you get to party away your muscle ache and get to cheat as
much as you like.

The whole event will be live streamed to also involve Arlington, Twente
and the rest of the universe in our crazy Eindhoven party. From now on
you have a month to stretch your legs, gain some muscles and wash
your favorite pair of socks. All to embrace the philosophy of Charles
Foley, inventor of this magnificent game, that everyone has more fun
with their shoes off!

When: September 24
Time: 13:00 until game (and party) over

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