Journalism for Design?

Journalism for Design?

Workshop by Daniëlle Arets & Monique Hamers

Journalism for Design?
Design & journalistic research: a mutual benefit

The New Newsroom addresses the important question: how can design be relevant for journalism? We see a lot of potential for design research in journalism, especially in the human centered practice of design, as well as designers' capability to tinker playfully with emerging technologies. On the other hand, we see many opportunities for designers to use journalistic skills and mindsets, such as the ability to kill your darlings, critically questioning pros and cons, and working in a public friendly manner. During this workshop we question how journalism and design research can mutually benefit from each other. Guest speakers during the workshop are Catalogtree, Maxime Benvenuto and Martina Huynh. 

Guest speakers
Catalogtree is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Arnhem and Berlin, widely acknowledged for their investigative data research and journalism, Catalogtree’s work was published in, amongst others, New York Times Magazine. 
Maxime Benvenuto graduated from of Design Academy Eindhoven, he is part of the We Are collective working on the cross section of design and journalism. 
Martina Huynh is a coder, hacker and designer, she also graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven where she designed a ‘new newscake’.

Workshop leaders
Monique Hamers is tutor of the innovative NIMBIN course at Fontys Hogeschool for journalism, exploring new journalistic practices. 
Daniëlle Arets associate lector Reader Journalism & Responsible Innovation (Fontys) and Strategic Creativity (Design Academy Eindhoven).

Where MU
When Monday 5 November 2018
Time 15.00 - 17.00 
Registration and tickets participation is for free, but don't forget to sign up via Eventbrite. Tickets are limited.