Kamermans Kermis

Kamermans Kermis

Thursday, May 19th
From 20:00, free entrance


Kamermans Kermis and MU present a psychedelic evening with a scientific input by American Techgnosis-writer Erik Davis, short films by DVD-magazine Wholphin and outspoken literature by Niña Weijers and Christophe Verbrugge.


Kamermans Kermis is a multidisciplinary cultural program which is created by digital cultural magazine De Optimist, cultural centre De Balie and the American DVD-magazine Wholphin.
With stories, movies and science we honor the ideology of the obscure but fascinating Otto Kamerman (1889-1985).
Current and everyday themes are being filtered, decomposed and packed up again in a characteristic, unconventional Otto-way.
After six very successful nights at De Balie in Amsterdam the Kermis is going on tour! With MU in Eindhoven as a first stop.


De Optimist is a Dutch digital cultural magazine that approaches literature and culture with an open and curious mind, while carefully avoiding the beaten path.
Wholphin is a quarterly DVD magazine published by the American publisher McSweeney’s, composed with unique and moving films of different directors.


For the past decades the American writer and culture critic Erik Davis has been covering spiritual and technological movements, underground music and subcultures for magazines like Wired, Arthur and Spin. He is probably best known for his books TechGnosis and Visionary State.
Niña Weijers (1987) is an upcoming young talent in the Dutch literary field. In 2010 she won the popular writing contest Write Now and she is working on her debut novel.
Christophe Verbrugge (1987) is a prose writer for the simple reason that he has no talent for sports, singing or extremely good dancing, but in a sense, does have some knowledge about the alphabet.


You\'re welcome to drop by on Thursday, May 19, at MU for a unique evening of film, literature and science as part of the exhibition \'The New Psychedelica\'.