Kunstroute65 Manifestation

Kunstroute65 Manifestation

Experience contemporary culture for elderly

The cultural DNA of Eindhoven is innovative: design, creative technology and urban culture. But for many elderly this is unfamiliar territory. Something their kids or grand children would enjoy. Something they’d read in the papers. That’s a shame. Participating yields. For the participators, but also for the innovative cultural organizations, for community centres and associations for care and welfare organizations.

During a manifestation on 25 October we will show what is happening. For instance, think about a workshop 3D-printing or a bus tour that passes by all the graffiti hotspots in the city.
Leading cultural organizations (e.g. MU, Mad Skills, STRP, DDW) present their contemporary elderly projects and visitors (young and old) can participate in several activities. The manifestation is the moment for elderly, makers, politicians, cultural and care institutions and welfare organizations to meet. Furthermore, we will use this opportunity to launch a digital platform where various groups can find each other and an agenda that shows the way to contemporary cultural activities.

About KunstRoute65
KunstRoute65 is kick starter in the innovative cultural field for seniors. We point elderly to the newest developments in the fields of design, art, technology and culture. And we function as a platform for cultural organizations and institutions in the care and welfare field.

When October 27th

Where Designhuis