Launch MU Play&Learn website at STRP SCENE#1

Launch MU Play&Learn website at STRP SCENE#1

On September 12th, during the conference STRP SCENE 1  : The game is on, MU launches its new interactive website

Play & is MU’s online studio, where you can dive into the deep, and get hands on experience with tools that contemporary artists and designers are using.  You can plug in whenever you want and get to work with apps, videos and online workshops. Play & Learn is for students, teachers and anyone who wants to experiment with, for example, creative computer programming and digital art and design.

During the conference "The game is on," Vivian van Gaal (MU) will present the website and Jarl Schulp (Fiber) zooms into one of the Play& Learn online workshops 'object orientated programming’ made by artist Daan van Hasselt. In this workshop you learn the basics of creative computer programming and at the same time contribute to the creation of an online artwork.

STRP SCENE 1: The game is on

Friday September 12th, 13:30 to 17:00

(Launch at 16:30)
MU Strijp-S, Torenallee 40-06
Admission is free. Everyone welcome! Sign up via