Launch Party! Brad Downey & Jess Øberlin

Launch Party! Brad Downey & Jess Øberlin

Both launched at one night: a book you can smash the window of a phone booth with and a shirt a whole party crowd will fit in. Yes!

At friday 21 September – during the Plug-in-City 2.0 opening party – we launch both the book Slapstick Formalism by Brad Downey, as well as a limited edition of two shirts from the collaborative fashion collection My Mind Always Drifts by fashion designer Jess Øberlin (JØ) and Brad Downey. Drop by for a Q&A with Brad Downey, drinks, and move to the beat of Jess' Spotify DJ list. And while you are there, get your exclusive copy of the book and the shirt. Don't miss out!

Brad Downey
The in Berlin based artist Brad Downey is notorious for his subversive pranks and minimalist interventions in public space. Downey has used the streets as his studio for years. Ash trays, lampposts, flower pots, phone booths, trash bins, demarcation lines – anything can become a work of art overnight if you look past its fixed, inevitable function. All across the globe Downey has made inspiring artworks. Slapstick Formalism presents the first full assessment of his works. It's a book that is – literally! - full of sculptures, architecture, performances, installations, films, drawings, collages, and activism, the one even more radical than the other, each having found its inspiration in the objects and activities of daily life.

Jess Øberlin
Jess Øberlin (JØ) is an interactive evolutionary platform and two-piece suit brand that grows with and encourages participation from its customers. JØ wants to showcase the wide variety of different genders, nationalities, shapes and sizes who support the brand and its message through various art forms, on- and offline. In Turkey and the United Arab Emirates Downey collected magazines and posters for the censored images they contain, which resulted in the series My Mind Always Drifts. The images inspired a fashion collection designed by fashion artist Jess Øberlin, in collaboration with Downey, specially made for the exposition Reserve Culture Shock at MU last spring. The super-super-supersized shirts, named Al Beni en Olmaz Boyle Sey, are made with censored posters from the United Arab Emirates.

The launch is part of the Plug-in-City 2.0 opening party.
19.00 – Start Plug in City opening party
20.00 – 22.00 Spotify DJ list by Jess Øberlin
20.30 – 21.00 Q&A with Brad Downey

Entrance: free
Where Leidingstraat 17A, Strijp-S
When 21 September from 20.00 

From 20.00 books and shirts will be sold at the MU container (limited release).