Lecture by Pieterjan Ginckels / Speedism

Lecture by Pieterjan Ginckels / Speedism

Thursday September 22

Starting at 20h, free entrance


The representations of imagined spaces created by Speedism are 
always wilder and more ambitious than the realities from which they come. The Belgium artist/architect Pieterjan Ginckels, one of the two brains behind Speedism, is coming to MU to take us with him on their mysterious software design process, converging at a space where architecture and its popular representations meet.
Earthly rules like gravity and limitations in space and time don\'t exist in the world of Speedism. What can architecture give us when al the boundaries are fading and possibilities are endless?


UPDATE: We also have a Sneak Preview of the directors cut version from the short film Iahgnahs Onhcet.
"Even more than Shanghai, Iahgnahs Onhcet is an urban theme park, the city of cities, the theme park of theme parks, compressed and set free in a distinct medium - animation - to become an architectural being."

Lecture in Dutch.