Liminal Laws by Addie Wagenknecht Liminal Laws by Addie Wagenknecht

Liminal Laws by Addie Wagenknecht

American artist Addie Wagenknecht critically examines the concept of borders and the laws that govern them. Zooming in on digital networks and developments that create a range of new liminal situations, she explores the tension between technology and expression.

Computers and new technologies may save us a lot of work – but to what end? Do they free us from arduous tasks to be more creative or do they force us to become ever more productive? What if machines make us obsolete? We eagerly plug into the networks that surround us, hardly aware of the profound changes taking place behind the screens, where the flow of data takes on a dynamic of its own.

Wagenknecht points to the glitches in systems and networks that can suddenly manifest hitherto invisible borders. This can apply to technology or the internet but just as well to women’s roles in society, refugees or larger cultural systems. In the words of Melvin Kransberg: technology is neither good nor bad; nor is it neutral.

Where MU
When 22 April - 19 June 2016
Opening April 22nd at 20.00
Special Weekend May 27 & 28