Livestreams Digitalive @ Romaeuropa 2021 Livestreams Digitalive @ Romaeuropa 2021 Livestreams Digitalive @ Romaeuropa 2021 Livestreams Digitalive @ Romaeuropa 2021

Livestreams Digitalive @ Romaeuropa 2021

This year, MU is joining forces with Romaeuropa. Visit the multi-disciplinary art festival – live in Rome or online via various talks and performances – and experience the works by Coralie Vogelaar, Mara Oscar Cassiani, Fuse* and Umanesimo Artificiale in the framework of the 2021 Digitalive hybrid program. 

What is it like to take part in a virtual reality show, inside the body of one of the characters in the story? Can software decode emotions and expressions of the human body? What happens to our brains during experiences at the edge of perception? How can we empathize with large contemporary digital platforms? What does it mean to be human in a world where increasingly intelligent computers are taking over tasks and duties that belonged to humans?

These and other questions are at the core of the works by the artists of Digitalive: the section of Romaeuropa 2021 dedicated to artistic expressions in the field of digital culture, curated by Federica Patti. In collaboration with MU, Digitalive presents Facial Action Coding System (2018) and Infinite Posture Dataset’ (2020) by Coralie Vogelaar, which were on show during Real Feelings: Emotion and Technology last summer at MU. Visit the contemporary art museum Mattatoio in Rome from 23 September till 25 October to see her intriguing works.

Can't visit Romaeuropa? You can also join parts of the program online! Tune in on Saturday 25 September for performances by fuse*, Umanesimo Artificiale and Cassiani; you can follow the program via livestreams (see links below). 

Furthermore, mid-October a pre-recorded talk with Coralie Vogelaar will be published on both MU and Romaeuropa channels. Keep an eye on our website, socials and newsletter. 


Livestream I AM DANCING IN A ROOM / LA FAUNA 2K20 by Mara Oscar Cassiani | Time: 22.30

Livestream Via Flaminia: The Nature of the Artificiale by Umanesimo Artificiale | Time: 21.15

Livestream Sál | Rite by fuse* | Time: 11.00 (AM)

Credits Digitalive
With the contribution and patronage of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Dutch Performing Arts. DIGITALIVE program is also part of the project "Posthuman performativity. For a transdisciplinary description of a live media performance", curatorial research developed by Federica Patti thanks to the support of the Italian Council IX.