Matter of Art? [IN DUTCH]

Matter of Art? [IN DUTCH]

Matter of Art?

Bio art is in full motion. It’s one of the most dynamic artforms of the moment and not just in an artistic sense.. There is also a discussion going on about the technological, scientifical and ethical aspects that are being raised by it.
In Matter of Art? we search for answers to philosofical questions about bio art.

'Talkshow host' of the evening Joost Ramaer will question the panelmembers, technologyphilosopher Laurens Landeweerd and neuroscientist Barbara Nordhjem, about the way our peception operates and their opinions on a possible role bio art could play in society. 

This night will be centered around work by Jalila Essaïdi and Arne Hendriks (FATBERG). They will discuss the necessity of speculative design, the role intuition plays in the production process, an other way of looking at bio art with reference to other more regular artforms, and the future of bio art. 

Poet/philosopher Esther Porcelijn will be watching from the sideline, adding poetic comments to the discussion.

[This discussion will be in Dutch only.]