Matter of Life closing party: 'Food Phreaking'

Matter of Life closing party: 'Food Phreaking'

The end of ‘Matter of Life’ exhibition is near and that's why we invite everyone for a ‘Food Phreaking’ afternoon! With presentations by two of the BioArt & Design Award winners and a book launch accompanied by phreaky cocktails and soup.

Špela Petrič contemplates the context of her project ‘Naval Gazing’, winner of the BAD Award. She will critically review on the artwork dealing with living systems and the culture vs. nature discourse.

Julia Kaisinger will reveal all about Fungi Mutarium's plans for the future.

Patrick Stevenson-Keating and Isobel Goodacre (Studio PSK) will present their BAD Award winning project The Economics of Evolution: The Perfect Pigeon!

Center for Genomic Gastronomy will launch Food Phreaking Issue 01: A Culinary Compendium of Curious Botanical Fruit Cultivars, which examines a range of fruit cultivars that have been manipulated by human food cultures. An abundance of phreaked cocktails, genetically modified soup and of course their infamous Cobalt 60 sauce will be served!

Closing party Sunday March 1st, from 14.30

Plus: read a post on the whole exhibition by Régine Debatty on