Images that are endlessly remixed, taken from their context, given a new subtext and placed back online, gifs of grumpy cats and videos that go viral are part of our daily life. What do you meme? Besides emoji’s, we also express ourselves in recognisable funny memes. However one meme isn’t like the other. One meme makes has a direct line to your funny bone, the other makes you furious. Memes have been repurposed ceaselessly and reposted that we have no idea where the original actually comes from. Memes come and go, but will their influence remain?

On September 20th, we zoom in on the modern memescape. Expect a crazy evening full with aha moments, memorable presentations, a super exciting meme battle and chill tunes.

Language English

Marsha Simon is a project manager at Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO). She loves to philosophise about societal challenges. She calls herself 'Political Creative' and her ambition is to connect different expertises to create a sustainable perspective together.

Dries Depoorter is a media artist who critically uses the internet medium. His works are mostly about privacy, online identity and surveillance. Dries takes the audience along in his latest work AirnBnb host. Can you guess the host of the AirBnb room?

Nadine Roestenburg wrote a book about memes and more. How can the most bizarre, niche things suddenly generate so much attention that they become mainstream? And how is this viral power of the internet used by smart artists to get their work in the spotlight?

Have you ever wondered why exactly one meme goes viral and the other does not? What kind of network is behind a successful meme? Whether you look at social media networks, communication networks or networks in your brain, despite the different origins of these networks, they seem to be pretty similar. Mathematician Clara Stegehuis gives a crash course in virology for dummies and will explain all of this in detail.

19.30 - Walk in
20.00 - Presentations
21.15 - Meme battle
22.15 - Meme award
22.30 - Party!

VJ Thea Parker
Sounddesigner Bjorn Maria

Regular: €5
WAP: free

Where MU, Torenallee 40-06 (Strijp-S)
When Thursday 20 September
Registration & tickets via Eventbrite