MU In Real Live Thursdays #9: double bill

MU In Real Live Thursdays #9: double bill

Rita Hoofwijk and Sien Vanmaele

Isolation and fear for the Apocalypse take an unexpected turn in tonight’s double bill of MU In Real Live Thursdays. It features Being Here for You, Rita Hoofwijk’s investigation with South-African Hannah Loewenthal into how distance might become an advantage, and #1 Kombucha, the first of a series of ‘Cooking workshops in anticipation of the end of the world’ developed by Sien Vanmaele.

MU In Real Live Thursdays #9: Being Here for You and #1 Kombucha
Language: Dutch
Door open: 19.30
Being Here for You: 20.00
#1 Kombucha: 21.00
Entrance fee: 5 euro / students 2,50 euro

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Double bill
Rita Hoofwijk and Sien Vanmaele both graduated as performers from the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Tonight’s programme is being realised in collaboration with and thanks to Festival Cement.

Rita Hoofwijk in collaboration with Hannah Loewenthal: Being Here for You
The idea for Being Here for You originated from the time of lockdowns and social distancing. The work investigates how distance might become an advantage. How can we touch each other, exactly because of that distance? This practice-based research of Dutch artist Rita Hoofwijk and South African artist Hannah Loewenthal is evolving continuously. MU In Real Live Thursdays #9 is the first time they share the work with an audience.

"Your curiosity and attention demand my curiosity and attention. One cannot exist without the other. Your impossibility needs my possibility. And vice versa."

Being Here for You starts with the question of how important it is that we experience everything first hand. Is it necessary to see everything with our own eyes, do things with our own hands, etc. to make them real? Would it be possible to ask someone else to be our eyes, ears, hands?

Rita Hoofwijk
Rita Hoofwijk’s work originates in the perceptible reality around us. She makes installations and site-specific, spatial interventions. They are temporary surrounding that, in all simplicity ask us to reconsider what we experience as inalterable.

Cooking workshops in preparation of the end of the world
#1 kombucha

Theatre maker Sien Vanmaele is fearful of the future and senses the same in others. In response she decided to start an in-depth research titled: Cooking workshops in preparation of the end of the world. In this series she investigates with Rani Decock how we can prepare for the end of the world by cooking. Perhaps we can even create a new world by cooking? For each residency she selects a different aspect of food that she unravels completely. She shares her research results after each residency in the form of a performative cooking workshop for a small audience.

“Kombucha might have arisen form the eyelids of a monk that he cut off himself because he always wanted to stay awake during meditation.”

In #1 Kombucha, Sien collaborates with Rani Decock to research the micro-organisms in the ancient fermented tea ‘kombucha’. In this tea, yeasts and bacteria live together in complete symbiosis. During an interactive video performance, they leed you into a microscopic world full of surprising tastes, smells and colours.

Sien Vanmaele
Her work as a theatre maker ranges from music theatre to video and food performances. Her solo works always start from personal experiences, uncovering the small tragedies of life. A broken heart, uncertainty about the future: the pain that Vanmaele investigates in her pieces and that runs like a red thread through her work, is recognisable to us all.

Co-maker, video & editing: Rani Decock. 

#1 Kombucha was made in collaboration with kunstencentrumkaap &

With the kombucha, inspiration and knowledge of Bron Kombucha.

Cover photograph: Rani Decock