MU In Real Live Thursdays: Breathing Piece

MU In Real Live Thursdays: Breathing Piece

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MU In Real Live Thursdays 
Tentatively leaving the lockdown behind, MU Hybrid Art House treats you to a summer of cultural encounters on regular Thursday evenings. Join us for a series of surprising performances, films, music, theatre, workshops and whatever this In Real Live Thursdays programme may have in store for you.

Op 25 juni we are presenting Breathing Piece, a performance by Maarten Heijnens & Anthony van Gog.

Two performers, one conductor and no instruments. Using only their breath, Anthony van Gog and Maarten Heijnens create a performative sound composition that researches the emotional connection between the performer and spectator. Breathing Piece is a musical performance without any instrument. Through the use of inhalation, exhalation, puffs and hisses an intensely layered musical composition is created.

See the trailer on Vimeo.

Breathing Piece has been adapted especially to this experimental presentation in MU. Without light and sound, the performers are even more vulnerable. 

Before the performance, we are showing the film Worlding Worlds, with an introduction by Angelique Spaninks

Anthony and Maarten both graduated in 2019 from the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht. Since graduation, they have formed an artist duo dedicated to creating what they call "physical scores." In a physical score, not the musical instrument, but the 'body-as-instrument' is central. In a compositional way they manipulate a bodily instrument (in this case their breathing) to the utmost, in an attempt to make its underlying (bodily) frictions tangible to the viewer. They find each other in a shared desire to let the body speak in order to (continue to) understand her.

Breathing Piece
Door open: 19:30
Worlding Worlds with intro: 20:00
Start performance: 20:45
Discussion: 21.30

Safety and reservations
The maximum number of visitors is 30, so be quick to make a reservation at or call us at 040-2961663!

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