MU In Real Live Thursdays: Worlding Miraculous Futures

MU In Real Live Thursdays: Worlding Miraculous Futures

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MU In Real Live Thursdays 
Tentatively leaving the lockdown behind, MU Hybrid Art House treats you to a summer of cultural encounters on regular Thursday evenings. Join us for a series of surprising performances, films, music, theatre, workshops and whatever this In Real Live Thursdays programme may have in store for you.

Worlding Miraculous Futures
The first night of our summer programme, June 11, is for Worlding Miraculous Futures, a workshop in speculative world-building. Surrounded by the Worlding Worlds exhibition, you are encouraged to collaborate and actively find out what kind of worlds you might come up with! Working with smell & sound allows you to explore new sensory ways of worlding.

Worlding Miraculous Futures
Thursday 11 June 2020
30 participants max.

Safety and reservations
MU has plenty of space for a safe exchange with the makers and other members of the audience. The maximum number of visitors is still 30, so be quick to make a reservation at or call us at 040-2961663!

Click here to read more about the reservation procedure and MU’s health precautions.

About the Worlding Miraculous Futures workshop
Speculative world-building gives us a tool for re-thinking and re-imagining our current global society. Worlding Miraculous Futures was created to help us make sense of the current moment and collaboratively prototype radical ideas for a possible future.

Building on cultural practices of esotericism, trust, virtual embodiment, storytelling, and rapid prototyping, this workshop uses real-world tools to facilitate decentralized collaboration. 

The outcomes of this workshop will consist of a multitude of stories in the form of digital assets that will live in a future-thinking archive on the internet as well as in physical spaces once humanity can (un)shelter in place.

This workshop was developed and facilitated by Ashley Baccus Clark, Klasien van de Zandschulp, and Ludi Leiva in close collaboration with MU Hybrid Art House and Nederlands Film Festival.