MU INBETWEEN #2: When Eindhoven became “Eindje Gramma”

MU INBETWEEN #2: When Eindhoven became “Eindje Gramma”

Slides from that era by Fieke van Berkom

When Strijp-S was just a dirt pit where you could splash into a concrete pool on a summer's Sunday at Plan-2.
Back when there were still illegal after parties in steamy techno tunnels until the early morning hours.

In the summer of 2007, Fieke van Berkom graduated from St. Joost Breda as a documentary photographer. A week later she lived in a house, set for demolition, in the ‘Bloemenbuurt’, in Eindhoven. As a young energetic photographer, Fieke was always hungry for adventure and curious about everything her new environment had to offer. Standard in her bag was a 35mm compact camera with a roll of slide film.
The city changing, the music and art scene, here and there some design or an extraordinarily funny resident, Fieke blindly captured everything she found worthy. 

On November 18 and 19th, Fieke gets the key to MU and lets the light shine on her extensive slide archive. Come see old-fashioned slides, re-live old memories or discover where present day Eindhoven comes from.

When: 18 & 19 November
Where: MU
Opening times: 
18 November 15:00 - 00:00
19 November 14:00 - 17:00

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