MU Open School #2

MU Open School #2

The next edition of MU Open School will be on December 13th, from 12.30 - 5 pm at MU Strijp-S. 

For all those who are trying to redesign their own learning environment, MU organises the second edition of MU OPEN SCHOOL, together with Tilburg University and SintLucas academy. During this one-day event, we explore new ways of learning, with artists, designers, philosophers, educationalists and young people giving us an inside view into their way of learning and perceiving the world.

Guests & projects 13 December:

- Connie Gerritsen (project T.Z.T. van TENT Rotterdam)

- The Reversed School

- Shrimpkey

- SchoolLab

- GTA voor Dummies

- MyLabs

- Hour of Code 

For appllication program information about Open School see or contact Vivian van Gaal: