My Mind Always Drifts

My Mind Always Drifts

Fashion show in collaboration with Jess Oberlin

As part of 'Reverse Culture Shock' Brad Downey collaborated with fashion designer Jess Oberlin. Jess designed a special collection: 'My Mind Always Drifts', which is also the name of the fashion show that will be held during the opening and the day after (Saturday 3 March) at fixed times.  

The first Saturday after the official opening MU will be open until 8:09 PM with a special evening opening. The fashion show 'My Mind Always Drifts' will be held at the following time slots:

12:52 AM
3:44 PM
6:24 PM
8:09 PM

The fashion show will only last a few minutes on Saturday and will show another piece of clothing every time.

More info on 'Reverse Culture Shock' in the expo item