Opening & Book presentation F.A.T. GOLD

Opening & Book presentation F.A.T. GOLD

MU | De Witte Dame

Friday 8pm - 1am

On fridaynight we will open the exhibition F.A.T. GOLD EUROPE. Expect live actions, last minute contributions and interaction with the public. It won't be F.A.T is we didn't complete the night with some the rawest hiphop beats. We're proud that none other than DJ Gwise (RGGD) will be playing at the opening.

More info about other dj's soon...

We will also launch a new book co-published by Link Editions and MU, edited by Domenico Quaranta and Geraldine Juarez, entitled F.A.T. MANUAL. The instructional book features a selection of works from F.A.T. Lab’s history, all of which encourage DIY entrepreneurship, open source, and activism.