Opening Evolutionaries

Opening Evolutionaries

Bio Art & Design from the Sea to the Soul

It's that time of the year again... MU hosts its highly acclaimed yearly Bio Art & Design exhibition. From Friday 11 December till Sunday 7 March 2021, Evolutionaries will be on show. Even, or maybe especially, in times of a global pandemic it is crucial to experiment, think and be creative in the field of art connecting to the (life) sciences and working with living matter. And this year's exhibition has an extra festive ring to it, as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the BAD Award!

Next to the winning artists & scientists of this year's competition - Dasha Tsapenko & Han Wösten (UU), Nadine Botha & Henry de Vries (GGD & Amsterdam UMC) and Sissel Marie Tonn & Heather Leslie (VU) & Juan Garcia Vallejo (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc) - we bring together nine winning artists from previous BAD editions, one representing each year. This means the exhibition will comprise of twelve bio art and design installations and projects, some completely new, others building further on earlier works, but all celebrating and intensifying the collaborations and connections between art & science.

Opening Evolutionaries
When: Friday 11 December | Where: MU Hybrid Art House | Entrance: 5 EUR incl. 1 drink
Time: we work with two time slots. From 20.00 - 21.30 and 21.30 - 23.00. 

Participating artists
Nadine Botha & Henry de Vries (GGD & Amsterdam UMC), Xandra van der EijkJalila EssaïdiAgi HainesCharlotte JarvisCecilia JonssonAni LiuŠpela PetricMichael SedbonCenter for Genomic GastronomySissel Marie Tonn & Heather Leslie (VU) & Juan Garcia Vallejo (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc), Dasha Tsapenko & Han Wösten (UU)

Curator Angelique Spaninks

Bio Art & Design Award
The BAD Award is an annual international competition. The aim is to let artists and designers who graduated within the past five years experiment with bio art and design and push the boundaries of the collaborations between art and science. The BAD Award 2020 is an initiative of ZonMw, MU Hybrid Art House and BioArt Laboratories. The award is an incentive for the fast-growing group of young artists whose work is focusing on the discovery of all the new possibilities the life sciences have to offer.