Opening Fluid Matter

Opening Fluid Matter

Liquid and Life in Motion

With the exhibition Fluid Matter, MU presents an exploration of fluidity inside and between bodies, cells and substances at vastly different scales. At the heart of Fluid Matter are the three winning projects of the Bio Art and Design Award 2016, developed in collaboration with leading Dutch researchers in the life sciences. They are presented alongside several recent works that share a dimension of fluidity.

The works will reflect on, demonstrate, or even contest advances in life sciences research. They will also probe fluidity in the realms of inter-species exchange, personal identity, metabolic processes, and in the exchange between our bodies but also our oceans.

The opening of the exhibition will include a bio-sonic performance: Cells, by Mari Ohno.

Opening 2 December 20.00h
Q&A artists by host Isolde Hallensleben 21:00h
Performance Cells by Mari Ohno 21:45h
Entry ticket €3,- (including 1 drink)

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