Opening Matter of Life

Opening Matter of Life

MU | Strijp S

Matter of Life | Growing new Bio Art & Design

Pigeons, human stem cells, fungi, cut-flowers – about anything that lives can serve as working material for bio art and design. In Matter of Life, Mu and guest curator William Myers present nine  much-discussed research projects at the intersection of life sciences, art and design. The artists and designers, including the winners of the Bio Art & Design Award 2014, are at the forefront of this dynamic discipline and feel at home on the borderline between art and science, reality and imagination. Matter of Life (Strijp S, Eindhoven) is open to the public from 28 November to 22 February 2015; opening on Friday, 28 November, 8 pm.

At 20.30 the three winners of the Bio Art & Design Award will be presented. Then, a debate between William Myers (publicist, jury chairman and co-curator of the exhibition Matter of Life), Regine Debatty, (blogger at We Make Money Not Art and author of an essay about Matter of Life) and finally Bas Heijne (creator of the new VPRO program De Volmaakte Mens). Read more about the debate here.

Where MU | Strijp S
When November 28, from 20.00 hrs.
Free access