Opening party Sitcom! A re-enactment

Opening party Sitcom! A re-enactment

MU | Strijp S

Openingparty Januari 31th 2014, 8pm

Join us this friday for the opening of Sitcom! A Re-enactment by Lucas Maassen.

During the Dutch Design Week of 2013, Lucas Maassen and Twan van Bragt made the pilot episode of 'The Sitcom! Chairs being funny'. In nine days they shot a total of fourteen scenes at MU | De Witte Dame, with the help of OddOne filmcrew and in front of a live audience. Now, starting on January 31, MU | Strijp S shows an exhibition that reflects on what happened. You can experience the finished episode, as well as get a behind-the-scènes feel. You can see the actors, all the designprops, and dwell amidst the design furniture that made it's appearance in the show.

Also opening this friday at the same location is Disaster Playground by Nelly Ben Hayoun. See you this friday!