Opening Real Feelings

Opening Real Feelings

From the end of May, MU is all about emotion and technology during Real Feelings, in which 20 international artists explore the barriers between human and machine. Keep an eye on our website and social media for info about the opening, depending on the COVID-19 measures.

Lorem - Adversarial Feelings (2019)

Emotions are the core of human experience. But do we actually know how we really feel, now that the emotional intelligence gap between humans and machines grows narrower? Who or what is in control of our emotions; love, empathy, hate, fear? Is it still us or are we losing our grip and is technology beginning to influence how we feel? 

The barriers between human and machine, emotion and intelligence seem to be breaking down – a process that has been rapidly accelerating due to the pandemic. Our heartbeat, perspiration, speech, facial expressions and body language are being monitored by trackers, sensors, apps and webcams that increasingly infiltrate and manipulate our daily lives.  

Are we at the brink of an emotional revolution that we can hardly imagine, leave alone understand? These stimulating questions and more are raised in Real Feelings, in connection to the provocative and investigative work of twenty international artists. 

Stine Deja - Foreigner (2018)

Solitary Survival Raft - Lucy McRae. Photo: Ariel Fisher

Participating artists
Antoine Catala (FR)Stine Deja & Marie Munk (DK)Heather Dewey-Hagborg (US)Justine Emard (FR)Cécile B. Evans (UK)Ed Fornieles (UK)Maria Guta (CH)Esther Hunziker (CH)Seokyung Kim (KR)Clément Lambelet (CH)Lorem (IT)Kyle McDonald & Lauren McCarthy (US)Simone C. Niquille (CH)Dani Ploeger (NL)Lucy McRae (AU)Shinseungback Kimyonghun (KR)Maija Tammi (FI)Troika (UK)Coralie Vogelaar (NL)Liam Young (AU)

Sabine Himmelsbach, Ariane Koek and Angelique Spaninks

Real Feelings has been realized in collaboration with HeK (Basel, Switzerland) and is supported by Pro Helvetia.

In the MU webshop the comprehensive Real Feelings catalogue is for sale. Het boek bevat naast documentatie van de werken ook actuele wetenschappelijke en artistieke bijdragen. 

Cécile B. Evans - How happy a thing can be

Heather Dewey-Hagborg - T3511

Featured image: Coralie Vogelaar - Infinite Posture Dataset (2020)