Opening The New Newsroom

Opening The New Newsroom

Reporting redesigned

News apps, videos, podcasts, Twitter feeds, VR: we’ve come a long way since the days of the town crier or the printed press. Submerged in media, we have numerous ways to generate and share stories – literally at our fingertips. So how can we use the power of digital technology, big data, artificial intelligence and social media to create exciting, meaningful content? And how do we engage with the news on a personal level?

To find out, enter The New Newsroom where journalists, technologists, artists and designers investigate innovative formats, analyse the news and present their findings in stimulating visuals and installations. Experience the thin line between journalism and design in the buzzing newsroom set up within the exhibition and make the headlines yourself. Fake, factual, frivolous, fresh, far­-reaching and profound: from 12 October to 11 November, 2018, MU explores the future of news. 

Participating artists
Maxime Benvenuto, Arthur Boer & Boris Smeenk, Jim Brady, Arvida Byström & Molly Soda, CLEVER°FRANKE & Ai Applied, DROG, Forensic Architecture, Donghwan Kam, Rogier Klomp, Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska, NXS WORLD, Tjitske Mussche & Laura Stek (VPRO), Ruben Pater & Iris Lam, Reporter Ohne Grenzen, Telemagic B.V., Lilian Stolk, Joris Verleg, Coralie Vogelaar, VPRO & Submarine Channel, Alice Wong, Daan Wubben 

Nadine Roestenburg & Angelique Spaninks 

Where MU
When Friday 12 October from 20.00
Entrance € 3,- including 1 drink, free for We Are Public members

Special Program Dutch Design Week, 20 - 28 October 2018 

Thursday 18 October | Workshops Mapping the New News & After Photography by Rogier Klomp & Donghwan Kam | MU 

Sunday 21 October | Workshop Design Your Missing Emoji by Lilian Stolk | MU
Monday 22 October | Workshop ACED on Image | MU 
Tuesday 23 October | Workshop ACED on Text | MU
Wednesday 24 October | Workshop ACED on Video | MU
Thursday 25 October | Workshop DROG: Hacking the News | MU
Friday 26 October | Workshop Hackers & Designers: Publishing Karaoke | MU