Prayer-performance: EARTH FUNGUS BLESSING

Prayer-performance: EARTH FUNGUS BLESSING

With diva priestesses Jasper Griepink & Victoria McKenzie

Let’s invite the sacred back into the land during the EARTH FUNGUS BLESSING prayer-performance with Diva-Priestesses Jasper Griepink and Victoria McKenzie. While soil will be inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi in a ritual that fuses science and the sacred, the artists ask; How can our words, feelings and intentions become powerful sacred tools in the creation of new worlds? What are potentials of the nurturing, continuity, and creative power of soil? Come to the EARTHSHRINE at MU on Sunday 29 May and chime in with this fungal rite of gratitude. 

"We gather through word and sound and let the ‘prayer’ become a creative, critical scripting of recollection and gratitude. We piece the past as a means of creating healing and thus future; speaking life into the soil and seeding something sacred (the fungi, the worms, our love). We invoke the sounds and choreography of the diva to allow for spirit to stand in its power. We honour the life-giving force of soil which only the incredible strength of the sacred diva can hold. Through the word then, the body is brought to action, as the community (the participant-audience, the earth, the dirt, the fungi) comes together to inoculate and bless the soil, before we gift it forwards." 

- Victoria McKenzie & Jasper Griepink

This event is introduced by a TEMPLE-TALK between Victoria McKenzie and Jasper Griepink on Thursday 26 May

When: Sunday 29 May | Where: MU Hybrid Art House | Time: 15.00 - 17.00 | Tickets: 5,- regular and 2,50 students, via Eventbrite

Victoria McKenzie
Victoria McKenzie is currently a PhD candidate at University of London, where she researches ecologies of transformation, working at the intersections of ecofeminism, black study, post-colonial thought, traditionalist-scientific notions, climate discourse and philosophies of being. Victoria’s aim is to demonstrate the entangled life of climate whilst developing new methodologies for a unification of Earth.

Jasper Griepink
Artist Jasper Griepink creates participatory performances, installations, research & words. They design sacred time and space and work with feelings, histories, and bodies for more information about their practice, motivations, and questions. Jasper is currently based in the Amsterdam, the Netherlands.