Re-Create Out Loud 1: MacGuffin

Re-Create Out Loud 1: MacGuffin

What if the desk could talk?

MacGuffin will kick off on Monday 21 October at 18.00, zooming in on the typical talk show stage set. Think of Beau van Erven Dorens’ desk, Pauw & Jinek’s table (or Sonja’s in her days), the screens behind Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in DWDD, but also of Ellen’s sofa and the evening cityscape behind Trevor Noah’s Daily Show.

Ernst van der Hoeven and Kirsten Algera, driving forces behind the idiosyncratic MacGuffin Magazine of things that carried off a Dutch Design Award last year, are currently working on a new issue that is all about the desk. And what a coincidence: the desk happens to be one of the most common props in talk show sets.

So don’t expect the spotlights to be directed on the guests or the audience of their Re-Create Out Loud, but on the props and the many stories hidden behind them. This evening, MacGuffin is supported by Ronald van den Bersselaar, television set designer from Vlijmen, who will shed some light on his profession, and by David Mulder van der Vegt of XML Architects, who collected the most common international talk show stage sets in his Talkshow Typologies, the same way he previously brought together the plenary halls of all the parliaments in the world.

Be there Monday 21 October 18.00 sharp!