Re-Create Out Loud: 2 Arvid & Marie

Re-Create Out Loud: 2 Arvid & Marie

What if we could think like a non-human system?

In this talk show, Arvid & Marie practice a collaborative approach to design, to work with the rivers, the soil, the weather - not against them. They aim to find ways to join forces, to make it a winwin not just for humans.

But how do we empathize with a storm? How can we understand how a trading algorithm sees it's world? The human mind is surprisingly flexible. We can become the car we drive and the character in our book. With practice we can reach an empathic understanding of anything. But we have to stop ourselves from simply projecting our own experience onto a different body. We should rather try and experience thinking as a system instead. 

Arvid & Marie practice to take non-human perspectives by thinking beyond the individual. They invite a scientist to enlighten us on a natural system, a philosopher to outline the congregation of machines as a system on its own and a designer who is calling for a living infrastructure, thinking of a bigger system that would be mutually beneficial for machines, ecology and humans. 

At the end of this journey they will have us travel away from our individual self, away from our species and into a glimpse of a system-thinking future.

Re-Create Out Loud starts at 18.00 sharp!